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Group Guidelines + Gallery

Group Guidelines
General deviantART guidelines still apply here, including no spamming, no art theft and being polite. Though, there are some group-specific things that need clarifying.

This group is aimed at people 13+, such as deviantART is. Therefore, the content is to be taken maturely.

:bulletgreen: Nudity is classed as anything 'below the belt'. Therefore, nipple are not counted as nudity. And, as is seen in many Deino images, no clothes is not necessarily classed as nudity here. There may simply be nothing there, or there is something covering whatever may be classed as naked.

:bulletgreen: Swearing is allowed, though if used directly at someone you will be notified. If there is a repeat offence, you'll be banned from out group. We try to keep swearing out of the journals and our comments, though that's not to say you can't swear.

If you're new or unsure of where to submit your artwork, follow these guidelines for help!

:bulletpurple: Featured
The 'Featured' folder isn't open for submissions.
:bulletpurple: Calcium and Calne Ca
This folder is for images of Calcium; the human-based cyborg, and Calne Ca; Calcium dressed as Hatsune Miku. For an example, refer to the videos 'Bitcrushe' and 'Machine Muzik'.
:bulletpurple: Bacterial Contamination
The 'Bacterial Contamination' (or Saikin Osen if you prefer romaji) folder is for fan art of the song Bacterial Contamination. Only characters featured in Bacterial Contamination will be accepted. This means no cybernetic Calcium/Calne Ca.
:bulletpurple: Other Deino Characters
This folder is for any character Deino has made/modeled, including his own interpretation of CUL, Megurine Luka, Gakupo and Creature/Mr. Headless. Taku-kun is also accepted here.
:bulletpurple: Calcium OC's
If you're unsure, OC stands for 'original character', meaning the character is yours. Though, on this gallery, we accept OC's and already-made characters with Calcium attributes. This includes other Vocaloids and fanloids.
Though, since Deino has made models of Teto, Rin, Luka, IA, CUL, Gakupo, Haku, Gumi, Meiko, Hagane Miku and many others, images of these characters drawn as Calcium should be submitted to 'Other Deino Characters'; assuming they're wearing the outfit Deino created for them.
:bulletpurple: Cosplay
Any Cosplay of any Deino character is accepted.
:bulletpurple: MMD
Any MMD pictures must be submitted here.
:bulletpurple: Mature
This gallery is completely your decision. If your piece is marked as mature, submit it to here. If not, the image will be moved to another gallery.
:bulletpurple: Models
This gallery refers to handmade models, as well as the official Calne Ca and Nurse Ca figurines.



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Hello everyone, I am a new fan and I had a couple of questions for the group. Was the Dolomite talk translated yet? I am eager to Shie's back story. also, I found a place to purchase the necklace and ring that will ship to the US but not the earrings. Is there a site that sells them and ships to the US or will I have to use shopping service? Thanks for adding me to the group :)
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Liked the PV for Machine Muzik? Loved the animation from Bacterial Contamination?! Have a thing for malevolent Miku's made of metal? Or are you a fan of the half-headed Creature? Doesn't matter what you like, if it's related to Deino3330's work, this group if for you! Join like-minded people displaying their work in Calcium-Club!
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Oct 14, 2012


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Fan Club

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Hi! I have a question; who is the red/black haired girl in the video Bacterial Contamination?
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Calcium that's calne ca's other form
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She's also Calcium. In Bacterial Contamination, because of the nature of the song and it's themes of bullying, Deino made Calcium look infected and all-round scarier. She's still Calcium, but some like to caller her Karune to distinguish between the two ('Karune' is how you pronounce 'Calne' in Japanese)
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Ooooh thanks :D
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